The Alexander Hamilton Heritage Society

Established in 1991

Named in honor of the first Secretary of the Treasury and founder of the Coast Guard, this Society was established in 1991 to recognize alumni and friends of the Academy who make provisions in their estate plans that benefit the U. S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association, a nonprofit charitable organization that supports the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. When an individual or family informs us of their charitable intentions through any of the planned gift options listed below the Alumni Association will officially recognize those donors as members of the Alexander Hamilton Heritage Society (AHHS) during their lifetime.

Planned gift options include:

  • - Bequest in your will benefitting the USCGA Alumni Association, Inc.
  • - Charitable Gift Annuity with the Alumni Association for one or two lives
  • - Charitable Remainder Trust, Unitrust, Annuity Trust or a Living Trust
  • - Naming USCGAAA as beneficiary of life insurance policy, IRA, or other investments
  • - Naming USCGAAA as beneficiary payable on death (POD) for investments such as certificates of deposit, savings bonds or other assets.

Officially registering to be recognized as a member of Alexander Hamilton Heritage Society gives us a chance to thank you during your lifetime for having the vision to establish a generous planned gift that will benefit the Alumni Association, the Academy and the future leaders of our United States Coast Guard. To register, download our registration form and contact the Development Office with any questions at (860) 442-2683, ext. 19 or email Abygale Lund, Development Officer & Operations Coordinator at

Members of our Alexander Hamilton Heritage Society are presented with our limited edition Heritage Society Challenge Coin shown below. New members who inform us of a planned gift benefitting the Alumni Association will be presented with a Challenge Coin as a token of our appreciation. At the bottom of the list of Society members are some photos of our coin presentations.

Current Members of Our Alexander Hamilton Heritage Society

  • Anonymous
  • CDR Robert L. Armacost '64
  • CDR James T. Armstrong '71 & Mrs. Janine Armstrong
  • CAPT Melissa Bert '87
  • LT Keith A. Blevins '08
  • RADM Alan D. Breed '55
  • CAPT Joseph C. Bridger, III '74
  • Ms. Karen V. Burke
  • Mr. Ralph H. Burr III '58
  • Dr. Robert & Kathleen Byrd '66
  • CDR Donald M. Chapman '48
  • Mrs. Anne R. Clark
  • CAPT & Mrs. William B. Clark '53
  • Mr. Dan A. Colussy '53
  • CAPT & Mrs. David Connolly '63
  • CAPT Jay Creech '68
  • CDR Alan G. Dahms '58
  • CAPT Robertson P. Dinsmore '47
  • Mrs. Lillian C. Downs
  • CDR and Mrs. Ralph W. Eustis '55
  • CAPT Verne D. Finks '47
  • CDR Henry C. Fisher '53
  • Mr. John P. Fox '97
  • CDR Peter J. Ganser '77
  • CDR James Hall '77
  • Ms. Cheryl L. Harvey '84
  • Mr. Richard W. Hawkins '64
  • CAPT Frederick F. Herzberg, Jr. '55
  • LCDR William B. Hewitt '59
  • Mr. Eugene Hornstein '62
  • Mr. Gregory W. Johnson '87
  • CAPT & Mrs. Peter A. Joseph '61
  • VADM Charles E. Larkin '49
  • John & Roseanne Link (Parents)
  • Mr. Gordon K. Loftin '49
  • ADM James M. Loy '64
  • Mr. Kevin L. McQuaig '89
  • CAPT Alan Miller '60
  • Mrs. Ariadna Miller
  • Mr. Thomas L. Mills '70
  • LT Alfred W. Mletzko '89
  • CAPT Donald A. Naples '60
  • Mr. Gordon A. Olson '67
  • CAPT Robert T. Platt '52
  • RADM Ron Polant '59
  • CAPT John Reiter '67 & Soheir Ellithi
  • CAPT Thomas H. Robinson '66
  • LT Talisha Rosen-Kellogg '97
  • Mr. Michael Scharfenstein
  • Mr. Carl R. Schramm '71
  • LTC Ellis W. Sharadin '71
  • CDR Charles E. Sibre '71
  • Dr. David & Liana Snyderman
  • Mr. Mark L. Solberg '67
  • CDR Benjamin J. Stoppe, Jr. '72
  • CAPT Nicholas Stramandi '68
  • CDR & Mrs. James A. Sylvester '71
  • Bob & Amy Tabor '71
  • Doug & Phyllis Teeson '65 and Family
  • Mr. William H. Thompson '64
  • Dr. James S. Tyler '58
  • CDR Lisa (Knopf) VanBuskirk '98
  • CDR Richard W. Walton '65
  • Mr. Norman R. West '55
  • CDR Kenneth E. Williams '66
  • Brooke & Tricia Winter '78 & '80
  • CAPT Glenn F. Young '53
  • LCDR William Zack '80
  • Mr. Stephen P. Ziomek '72

Thank you for your vision and generosity!


Dan A. Colussy '53 with his AHHS Coin presented to him in 2014 after he informed the Alumni Association of a Trust he established that will ultimately fund a Colussy Endowment at the Alumni Association to support the Cadet Scholars Honors Program.

RDML Melissa Bert '87 is presented her coin by David J. Obedzinski, Vice President of Philanthropy at the Alumni Association

Alumni Association Board Member CAPT Bob McKenna '89 presents CDR James A. Sylvester, '71, former President of the Alumni Association with his AHHS Challenge Coin after he informed the Association of a bequest intention. David Obedzinski, V.P. of Philanthropy, presents CAPT Melissa Bert '87 with her AHHS Challenge Coin

LT Talisha Rosen '97 with her AHHS Challenge Coin

RADM Alan Breed '55 and his wife Janet with their AHHS Challenge Coin

CAPT Robert Platt '52 with his AHHS Challenge Coin

David Obedzinski, Vice President of Philanthropy presents ADM James M. Loy '64 with his AHHS Challenge Coin after the Admiral informed the Alumni Association of his bequest intention.

LT Keith Blevins '08 aboard the AQUIDNECK.

John Fox '97 following the presentation of his coin

  CDR Lisa VanBuskirk '98 with her daughter at the presentation of her coin in Maryland

  CDR Charles Sibre '71 presented with his coin in Virginia

    Cheryl Harvey '84 is   presented with her coin by Andrea Marcille.


     LCDR Bill Zack '80 presented with his coin by Andrea Marcille during Homecoming 2017

      LT Fred Mletzko '89 presented with his coin in by Abygale Lund during an event at the Alumni Association

    RADM Doug Teeson '65 presented with his coin by Andrea Marcille during a Board of Directors meeting